The Podlibre Initiative,
designed and built by and for podcasts lovers builds decentralized & open-source solutions for voice lovers

Podcasting is entering a new era.
The past two decades of organic growth were driven by original audio content producers.
Major digital players and audio content industry are now investing on Podcasts.
Yet, compared to the standards in Social Media and Search Engines, Podcasts - technology, user experience - have not evolved for the past 20 years.

It is time for all players - Podcasters, Radio Networks, Journalists, Writers and all Voice lovers - to take control of their medium.
Our mission is to help find a path to repairing podcast broadcasting and make it free again.

Liberating Podcasts starts with Disruptive Technology

Podlibre is a set of tools which can work together or alone.

Broadcast is an open-source hosting platform made for podcasters who want engage and interact their audience.

Free is a free and open-source solution (AGPL v3). Whether you choose to install it on your own server or have it hosted by a professional, all your data and analytics belong to you and you only.

Social Media is a part of Fediverse (Mastodon, Pleroma, PixelFed, PeerTube…). Podcasters and their audience can post, subscribe, like, comment and share natively. Millions of users already on Fediverse will be able to interact seamlessly.

Flexible is compatible with all Podcasts players and platforms (it can automatically generate an RSS feed).
Moreover Podcasters can choose to publish on Castopod while keeping their existing hosting solution (it can automatically generate posts from an existing RSS feed).

Share is a simple seamless tool that let anyone share a podcast, whether it’s an episode or a channel, to whomever they want, on any social media or through any medium, whichever audio player they are using.


Any user can bookmark a podcast episode or channel that they stumbled upon on social media or anywhere on the web and listen to it later on their favorite player.


Anyone can create a link to share any podcast episode or channel. Depending on the link recipient environment, it will lead to the appropriate player.

Time tag

Tag and share a specific part of a podcast episode.

Be listed is a decentralized open-source system that guarantees a wide diffusion of information and the integrity of each podcast information.
Today, referencing a podcast means registering to every directory (iTunes, Google, Spotify…) for its audience to find it.
This is what we used to do 20 years ago when search engines, like Google, Qwant or Bing, did not exist.
It is time for the podcast industry to free itself from the privately owned directories and adopt a decentralized approach where publishing your podcast on one free directory mean that everyone other can automatically be updated without infringing your name, brand or description.

Federated is a technology and a set of protocols insuring the integrity of the podcasts registry through the collaboration of all industry players.

Independent uses Blockchain technology so that it does not rely on one specific industry player.

Adaptive ledger allows you to update all information (name, description, categories, owner, URLs…). Its structure can evolve based on consensus.


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