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Audience measurement with Castopod

Castopod provides great analytics data about your audience.


Castopod respects your listeners privacy. Their IP address is never stored on the server and all data are aggregated before being stored on the server.
With Castopod there is no one between you and your audience.

Castopod follows the IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines Version 2.0:

  • Rolling 24-hour window
  • Castopod does not do pre-load
  • IP deny list
  • User-agent Filtering
  • Ignores 2 bytes range "Range: 0-1" (performed by official Apple iOS Podcast app)
  • In case of partial content, adds up all requests to check >1mn was downloaded
  • Identifying Uniques is done with a combination of IP Address and User Agent

Please note that Castopod is not certified by IAB and probably never will, since tampering with data is very easy with self-hosted open-source software. (Remember that no third party is involved.)
IAB guidelines were used because they seemed relevant to us and they are a great tool for benchmarking.

All the data from the charts below were added for demo purposes on a testing server.

For each episode, you know how many downloads were made:

Of course, you get analytics for the whole podcast:

You get total listening time charts:

You also get information about the platforms that are used to listen to your show:

You know where your audience is located:

And you have information on how users landed on your website:

And since Castopod is open-source and gives you full access to your data, you are able to add any chart that you need (with a few lines of php/js codes).

Castopod Server


Podcasts, e-commerce & open-source.