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Dircast is a decentralized open-source system that guarantees a wide diffusion of information and the integrity of each podcast information.

The Podlibre Team
The Podlibre Team

Be listed

Today, referencing a podcast means registering to every directory (iTunes, Google, Spotify…) for its audience to find it.
This is what we used to do 20 years ago when search engines, like Google, Qwant or Bing, did not exist.
It is time for the podcast industry to free itself from the privately owned directories and adopt a decentralized approach where publishing your podcast on one free directory mean that everyone other can automatically be updated without infringing your name, brand or description.


DirCast is a technology and a set of protocols insuring the integrity of the podcasts registry through the collaboration of all industry players.


DirCast uses Blockchain technology so that it does not rely on one specific industry player.


DirCast’s ledger allows you to update all information (name, description, categories, owner, URLs…). Its structure can evolve based on consensus.


The Podlibre Team builds decentralized & open-source solutions for voice lovers.