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Install Castopod in 5mn

Installing Castopod is pretty straighforward. You do not need advanced skills in server administration. Depending on the traffic you expect, you may choose a dedicated server, a virtual machine or even a shared hosting (as long as it runs php/mysql and allows to specify root folder).

Please note that Castopod is still under heavy development (in alpha version): it may not be 100% stable and some features are still being worked on.

We tested Castopod installation on an OVH Personal Hosting (~3.60€/mo) but it should work anywhere (with php-mysql).

  1. Download and unzip Castopod's bundle, then upload it to your server.
  2. Modify your hosting parameters so that root folder points to Castopod's public/ subfolder.
  3. Open your favorite web browser. Go to your website. Since Castopod is not configured yet, you should see an error, that's totally fine: Don't panic.
  4. Go to /cp-install page. Follow the instructions:
    Note: Use media base URL if you have a CDN for your audio files and/or an external analytics service.
  5. Enter database information.
  6. Select the cache system you want to use. (Redis and Memcached are faster but they require additionnal installation and are usually not available on personal hostings.)
  7. You are almost there, the database and its tables are now created. You just need to create a superadmin user.
  8. You may now connect to Castopod's admin…
  9. You are all set. Start podcasting!

To continue, create a podcast in 3mn with Castopod.

Castopod installable package is downloadable here:
This Castopod package contains English 🇺🇸 and French 🇫🇷 versions.

Castopod source files are available here:

Castopod ServerTips & Tricks


Podcasts, e-commerce & open-source. Father of Castopod. CEO of Ad Aures.