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About us

We are a team of entrepreneurs and developers who spent the last ten years developing media content solutions.

We have always been advocates for the open source community, but we coud not find open source solutions for podcasts that suited our needs, so we decided to start The Podlibre Iniative.

The past two decades of organic growth were driven by original audio content producers.
Major digital players and audio content industry are now investing on Podcasts.
Yet, compared to the standards in Social Media and Search Engines, Podcasts - technology, user experience - have not evolved much for the past 20 years.

It is time for all players - Podcasters, Radio Networks, Journalists, Writers and all Voice lovers - to power up podcasts!

Liberating Podcasts starts with Disruptive Technology

Podlibre is a set of tools which can work together or alone:

  • Castopod Host is an open-source hosting platform made for podcasters who want engage and interact with their audience.
  • DirCast is a technology and a set of protocols insuring the integrity of the podcasts registry through the collaboration of all industry players.
  • is a service that allow any user to bookmark a podcast episode or channel and share it on their favorite player.